Potholes and Debris Beware!

  • January 5, 2015

< that has a coordinated effort with community colleges," said Forbes. "We’ve used the foreign worker program, and were just on a recruiting trip to Ireland."
SuperiorRoads finishing line

An overhead track moves assemblies through the new finishing line where they are sandblasted, powder-coated, and heat-treated.

A positive trend for the area’s workforce, Forbes pointed out, is that Saskatchewan used to export people to Alberta, but now people are staying put, many are returning, and the number of young people remaining in the area after graduation is increasing. Hopefully, a good percentage of those people are or will become skilled tradesmen.

"When we bought the company, we knew that the prospects were really good," said Forbes. "We have a lot of tenders out there and we expect the business to grow. The need is there."


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