At Westcap we are proud to support the communities we invest in.

Charitable Donations and Support

Westcap is proud to be part of the communities we invest in and to continue to support through ongoing contributions where we see we can provide the most benefit in these communities.  We are pleased to share some of the contributions and community support that we have been honoured to be involved in.

Pediatric Portable MRI Machine

Westcap is pleased to be investing in Saskatchewan’s First Pediatric Portable MRI Machine which will provide accessible point-of-care for the well-being of our children in our Province.

Virtual Hugs

COVID-19 left many seniors in long-term care homes feeling lonely and disconnected from their families and friends. To help reconnect our residents to their families, the Saskatchewan Health Authority partnered with Westcap to help them reconnect virtually. Working closely with the COVID-19 Hospital Fund, a collaboration between St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation, Royal University Hospital Foundation and Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation, Westcap donated $250,000 towards the purchase of over 330 iPads, and the cost of the data plans that were distributed to SHA long-term care homes across Saskatchewan.

Jim Pattison
Royal University Hospital Foundation
Saskatoon City Hospital Fundation
St. Paul's Hospital Foundation
Canadian Red Cross
Regina Thunder Football
Saskatoon Food Bank

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