Funds Under Management-Oct13

Westcap is a registered portfolio manager of a diverse and distinct group of Funds across a broad range of industry sectors with over half a billion in assets under management. Over the past 30 years, Westcap has invested in more than 200 growth companies.

Current Funds Under Management

As Saskatchewan’s first Retail Venture Capital (RVC) Fund founded in 1999, Golden Opportunities makes strategic investments in high-growth sectors of the economy to maximize shareholder value. The Fund has been recognized as Canadian Labour Fund of the Year and has the growing support of over 28,000 shareholders. Golden Opportunities is now available in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and offers various share classes including:

Diversified Class A-share

Our longest-standing and largest share class focused on Saskatchewan companies that are leaders in diverse sectors for growth, stability and value.

Innovative Class i-share

Focused on growth through local innovation companies with loss protection that is exclusive to this share class.

Resource Class R-share

Focused on resources and designed for investors seeking higher exposure to these sectors in Saskatchewan. The R-share leverages strategic partnerships to benefit from the skills and knowledge of successful management teams operating in our energy-rich province.

In the next decade, approximately 75% of small and medium-sized business owners in Canada will be ready to sell their business. This will require knowledgeable capital and strategic partners that can facilitate the right structure and support the company’s next growth period. To address this need, Westcap Mgt. Ltd. completed the close of its Management Buyout Funds including Westcap MBO I Investment LP, Westcap MBO II Investment LP and most recently Westcap MBO III Investment LP which represented the largest private equity raise by a Saskatchewan-based Fund Manager.

The Funds focus on providing succession and growth capital to long-standing, Western-based companies involved in transition, consolidation or merger and acquisition activity.

Cheung On

Founded in 1989, Cheung On addresses the financial and relocation needs of high-net-worth Asian investors. Cheung On is recognized as a highly successful international syndicated fund and has been ranked as one of the top 100 companies in Saskatchewan by Saskatchewan Business Magazine. The Fund has received letters of support from numerous high-net-worth international shareholders.

Start-up Visa

Offered by the Government of Canada, the Start-up Visa Program is designed to attract entrepreneurs to Canada in an expedient fashion. Under the program, eligible entrepreneurs can expedite their visa application process by undertaking a business venture in Canada. The program is designed to reduce the timeframe for permanent residency down to 6 – 12 months. Although there is no guarantee of obtaining permanent residency status, this Program is significantly more attractive than competing programs such as the American H1B visa which only provides a temporary visa. The permanent residency status that is obtained under this Program is not conditional on the business venture undertaken being successful.

To qualify, the applicant needs to secure a minimum of $200,000 investment capital from an approved organization like Westcap Mgt. Ltd. or Golden Opportunities Fund Inc., the only approved designates in Saskatchewan as partners in a Canadian business entity.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will decide whether or not permanent residency is granted.

Application Process


  • Prove your business idea is supported by a designated investor organization
    • Secure a minimum investment of $200,000 from a designated organization (Golden Opportunities Fund Inc./Westcap Mgt. Ltd.), and
  • Meet the language requirements
    • English or French at Canadian Language Benchmark 5
  • Meet the Education requirements
    • Minimum of one year of post-secondary education
    • Proof that you were in good standing while attending a post-secondary institution
  • Have sufficient settlement funds
    • Must show you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your dependents upon arrival in Canada.

Previous Funds Under Management

HeadStart on a Home

HeadStart on a Home is Saskatchewan’s largest economic and social initiative to address entry-level housing in the last decade.  The program increased the available supply of new entry-level homes across the province by over 2,200.  Westcap partnered with 10 leading Credit Unions, working together with the Saskatchewan Immigrant Investors Fund Inc. (SIIF), municipal governments, developers/builders and industry partners.


Established by the Government of Saskatchewan as Canada’s first venture capital fund focused on First Nation and Métis investments.

More than 50% of Saskatchewan Indigenous Population Represented. 80 Board Members Placed in Development Corporations, 70% Independent. 14 Investments Completed Creating More Than $100 Million of Investment Impact.