Category: Agriculture

The economic environment in the farm sector has supported growth over the past 15 years. Agriculture is always evolving and average farm sizes have increased. Technology has expanded the productivity and efficiency and farm equipment has become larger and more complex. Between 1999 and 2016, total farm cash receipts in Canada increased 99% and crop receipts increased 159%.1

Saskatchewan has experienced double digit growth in land values in seven of the last ten years, resulting in land prices more than tripling in value since 2007.1

Technology has changed the way agriculture operates. New technologies such as GPS and GMOs have revolutionized the seeding process and the types of crops grown. Farmers will continue to adopt new technologies in order to meet increasing productivity, efficiency and quality demands to feed our growing population.

The agriculture sector has always been a major economic driver in Saskatchewan. With world demographics indicating continued demand for sustained growth and technological advancements, the agriculture industry provides a solid opportunity for investment.

1Statistics Canada, 2017

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