Category: Infrastructure

InfrastructureAs Canadian national and regional economies grow, the expanding populations will heavily rely on modern and expanded infrastructure. For a number of years, both federal and provincial governments have made concerted efforts to reduce the infrastructure deficit in Canada. In Saskatchewan, the provincial government invested more than $3.0 billion into infrastructure and highways over the last three years, with a highway and infrastructure budget of $900 million in 2018-2019. Infrastructure companies include those that are involved directly or indirectly in the development, maintenance, servicing or management of infrastructure. Among other sectors, infrastructure can include health care, transportation, utilities, and energy.

Infrastructure is required to serve an area’s residents and businesses with the necessary services and facilities. Investment into housing and commercial developments often goes hand in hand with infrastructure investments and is required in order for the sustainable growth of an economy. Investments into housing are critical in increasing the quality of the housing supply as well as supporting home ownership. Saskatchewan has experienced strong population growth in recent years which has resulted in sharp increase in demand for quality housing. This increase in demand has provided numerous investment opportunities.

Provided below are examples of Infrastructure investments completed by Westcap: